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Here I am, just a young guy, traveling the world, becoming living proof that God’s will isn’t a scary place to be. In fact, its safe, secure, surprising at times and often a spontaneous place to grow and explore in! Growing up I had dreams within dreams and upon dreams of traveling the world, photographing and experiencing every place to the fullest, returning with elaborate stories of where I have been. When I began sensing the call of God on my life, to live surrendered to His plan for my life; to be honest I thought I was in for a pretty miserable life that I would force myself to enjoy, convincing(tricking really) others to “follow me, as I follow Christ”. Looking back now, I realize how little I knew this invisible God I was surrendering to, or the unknown journeys ahead. I am sweetly surprised by how wonderful Jesus Christ really is. And I am beginning to see, one degree at a time, why thousands upon thousands followed his every move on earth. From the outside, Jesus’ life and ministry looked more sporadic than spontaneous. Yet, and this is what blows my little brains… it was all perfectly organized and planned by the Father above. Experiences are the best teachers, no wonder the Spirit not only is our teacher, but our guide. He guides our feet to every new step of faith, which will be an experience that will grow our faith and build our trust.

You know. In a world where we all want to be different. To forge a path unique to me. There really aren’t that many options. So why not follow a God that leads us each individually into an exciting unknown path, the Way of Life, that Jesus has prepared just for you. Follow me as I follow Christ. This is a lower life. A quieter life. But a higher life. Be a risk taker. As my pastor once told me, “It’s hard to be a pioneer. Often they look like a fool to everyone around them.” But once they see the reward of your “risks”. They will be jealous. And its okay to make people jealous of something good that they should want. Because maybe they will take a crack at it too!

The way is hard at times… in fact most of the time. But the rewards of this way of life make you quickly forget the pain and struggle. In fact the pain and the struggle you will endure in order to press on up the trail; that’s what makes the victories and rewards that much more valuable and precious to you. Trust me. Once you start to see the fruit of faith, you begin to build momentum that helps you take the next risk for the kingdom of God. So count the cost, without forgetting the cross. Then you will see, by the grace of God, it is worth it.

This little attempt at a blog is more of a journal than anything else, an overflow of my thoughts and feelings of days that are full of God ordained meetings and experiences that I can’t help but share. I just want to journal the journey God has me on. My pastor/mentor made that connection. Both journal and journey seem to have the same root word. No wonder much of the scriptures are simply the journals and letters of men that God got a hold of and gave a ton of grace to. So here’s to my journey and yours as well! Get out there and love a life, and you just might find yourself loving your life too. Because, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20 ESV.




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