Treviso. Week 1.

Bright and early, on a train to Treviso. I felt generally calm, with fear under control in the background of my mind. I want to come to Italy as a missionary this fall. And it seems the Lord may be opening a door for me in Treviso working alongside an established missionary, Brian Cambra, at Calvary Chapel Treviso. So after one video call bewteen my pastor Steve Feden, Brian, and myself; it seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit for me to begin serving at CC Treviso during my 4th semester of Bible College in Montebelluna. The Lord blessed and the CCBC staff approved me attending church and doing my M199 Practical Ministry hours at CC Treviso. Making it a very simple and practical step of faith toward a possible larger commitment in the near future. Thank you Lord for knowing the pace I am able to move at… Turtle slow.

Jesus brought me a gentleman to bless on my train ride to Treviso. It was the 9:01am train. This homeless man boarded the train, making some commotion about his ticket. The trena italia attendant had to quiet him down a couple times. When we arrived in Treviso and were exiting the train, I noticed him motioning with his hand to his mouth, asking for food from others. When he came to me, I felt that gentle insistent request of the Holy Spirit wanting to feed him. I motioned for him to walk with me. Introduced myself and said “Come ti chi ami?”, his name was “Mario”, same name as my roomate.

We purchased a sandwich and a Coca-Cola at the Cafe and sat down. I am still a beginner Italian speaker. So my blessing on the food was very very very simple. The Lord is gracious! “Pregiamo!’Grazie Gesù, Grazie Padre, Amen!'”. Mangia mangia my friend!

Just read yesterday, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, through this some have entertained angels unawares.” And who knows if Mario wasn’t an angel sent to bless me. Nonetheless, blessings were shared. He asked me where I was sleeping. Told him I was a visitor and couldn’t give him a place to stay. Then he thanked me. I said, “Bouna dominica, Caio caio, Dio te benedica!”, translated “Have a great Sunday, bye bye, God bless you!”. And he walked away.

God please bring him into your fold. Don’t let satan conquer him. Victorious One, you are able to save to the uttermost those who draw near in Jesus name. Amen.
Brian picked me up. Talked a little on the way to church.

Jesus blessed me with being able to meet most of the church family there today. The worship refreshed my heart, drawing me into a safe place in the Lord’s presence I haven’t felt for a while. So blessed by this. Jesus, your Spirit is my safe place. Where I don’t have to fear dark lying spirits of the enemy. Those that have led me astray have no access when I am sealed in You, my safe place. Grazie Spirito Santo.

The message Pastor Brian brought this morning was equally a blessing as the time of worship.

Was happy because I had the opportunity to help clean up the area they use for church. It is used as office spaces during the week.
After church we went to the park nearby to celebrate a little girl’s birthday from church. That was a fun time of fellowship! Threw the football with two young guys, Ben and Damian.

Met a pomeranian named Whiskey, he thought my concrete bench was a bango. Aka…his pee pee spot. Grazie mieli cane! Wonderful.
Brian drove me to the train station to catch the 3:35 train. But after standing in line for a few minutes, I decided I wanted to spend a little while in the Treviso Centro.

Sat down at a Cafè to read and enjoy a cappuccino and chocolate muffin. Then walked the long way back. Stopped briefly in a cathedral for mass. Knelt down and listened to the priest sing in latin to the accompaniment of a young man playing the organ. I was moved by it. The Lord ministered to me there. Which I am okay with! He is allowed to do that you know.

Made a quick pace to the station. Bought a ticket, hopped on the train and enjoyed the ride.



Thank you Father for this open door in Treviso. Lead me through it God. Help me Jesus. I know your Presence went with me. Make me a blessing I pray God. Not a burden on those I want so deeply to bless. In the wonderful name of Jesus, I hope to honor, Amen.




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