Bicycle Blessing 

I have been praying for a bicycle this semester. One that I can use now and keep for when I return to serve here this fall(Lord willing). Today the Lord answered that prayer! Today I went back to the bike shop I have checked multiple times. I had planned to just go ahead and buy a bike I had seen there that was a fair price, €80,00. It was still there, so the shop owners son Stephano let me test it out.
It was nice, but I didn’t feel completly settled. But was probably going to buy it anyways.

Then Stephano’s Dad came in. Praise God. He remembered me and motioned for me to come look at a different used bike that they just fixed up. Praise God it was just what I needed! And even better, it was €50,00. Yes!!!

Most importantly. I am excited because a friendship is being formed between the shop owners and myself. I will return there if I need repairs and etc. They are very nice people. They spent about 20-30 minutes tunning it up and attaching my bike lock hanger to it. Didn’t charge me any extra. I’m just so thankful. This will be super helpful for me. I have some lower back issues that are aggrivated by lots of walking on hard surfaces, so walking allot on these cobblestone and concrete sidewalks to and from church causes the pain in my legs and back to increase. So this is so encouraging and practical. A blessing I really wanted. 

Also its like a new world has been opened up to me. I can ride all over Montebelluna and explore more of the backroads and towns. It will also help me get to the new CC Treviso church location without as much hassel with rides.

Please pray that the bike thief will not steel any more of our bikes. This is a big issue here. Hoping my old used bike will be less appealing to him.

Sincerely thankful,



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