Barcelona Outreach

This is Outreach Week at CCBC Italy, and we are the Barcelona Team! Left to right in the photo above is Talson, Adam(leading the group), myself, and Jake. Great guys. 

We will be serving a missionary pastor there in Barcelona Spain. Will is his name. He has been there a couple years now and the Lord is doing a fruitful work there. 

The week will be broken up with various serving opportunities. Practical things like painting and also evangelism. There will be three full days devoted to evangelism. Last time we had some great coversations where the full gospel was shared. So I am hopeful that doors will be present and open for the gospel to be brought through.

We will encounter spiritual warfare. So please pray for us to be strong in our faith and walk in the truth. “Where there is a work of God, there will be a work of the enemy. But there will always be a greater work of God.” – Chet Lowe.

Will post an update maybe midweek or end of the week. Thank you everyone who has been reading these updates. It is so encouraging to know you all are interested and care about me and the work here. Love you all very much. God bless you!



P.S. We just arrived safely. Praise God 🙂


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